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Introducing The /twitchgaming gathering

May 26 2021

Following last year’s awesome summer of gaming events on Twitch, things are heating up again with The /twitchgaming gathering this Summer 2021. 

For anyone unfamiliar, buckle-up. We’re putting the controller back in the hands of the player with the ultimate event where gamers, creators, developers, and publishers come together to celebrate the hottest news in gaming. In the past, we’ve offered open access to the exclusive reveals, product releases, community commentary, and pure excitement that comes along with the year’s biggest gaming moments. This year, our community has grown massively, so it only makes sense to level-up our coverage with even more behind-the-scenes access, interviews, commentary, and maybe even… Robots?! The /twitchgaming gathering is what happens when the community comes together to win together.

Ready? Let’s go!

What’s happening?: The /twitchgaming gathering will offer an insider’s view into the future of gaming. 

The content will be a mixture of major press conferences - like the Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase - to personalized and exclusive content straight from Twitch. It’s an exciting lineup that includes Twitch Rivals with some special celebrity participants, a special edition of the popular Twitch gameshow, “Hivemind,’’ and, of course, a constant supply of gaming news, exclusive content, special announcements, and industry interviews straight from the streamers who live and breathe gaming every day on Twitch.

We should also mention that The /twitchgaming gathering isn’t just something you watch; as always, Twitch is the place where you can become part of the show and make your voice heard. One of the ways this happens is through our exclusive feature Chat Decoder, which identifies themes and questions coming from everyone in chat and surfaces them for the audience and our hosts.  

Finally, what’s a show without a grand finale? For our closing ceremony on Sunday, we’re giving out three Emote Awards to the most deserving moments, based on the Chat Decoder data YOU provided. Encompassing the whole weekend, we identify the most frequent uses of biblethump, LUL, and pogchamp, respectively pinpointing each emotes’ top moment from the show. Join the chat and be a part of the moment!

Who will be there?: Glad you asked. All gamers, streamers, and publishers are welcome. The more the merrier.

Among those “taking the stage” will be a diverse group of folks from all across the gaming universe. Expect to see: 

When does this kickoff? Soon! The full schedule will come closer to the event but a few moments to mark your calendars for, starting on June 10th, 2021:

OK, I’m game. How do I participate? It’s all happening on /twitchgaming - and will be broadcast in English. If you’re looking for a different language, fear not — there will be dedicated co-streamers in various languages highlighted on the /twitchgaming channel to allow you to experience the content with creators in a number of different languages.

Are you a creator and want to participate? This event will be co-streamable from /twitchgaming. If you choose to co-stream, the recommended settings are below and look out for more details closer to the event. 

And one more note: If you’re looking for ways to step up your co-stream and get your community involved, the Ctrl+ stream extension is designed to provide flexible interactive options to content creators. Install and activate Ctrl+ on your channel and join the /twitchgaming event. This will allow your audience to participate in all the predictions and polls for the entire event.

Anything else we missed? What’s next? 

Follow /twitchgaming, check out the event schedule, and set reminders for events you plan to watch! If you’ve ever so much as looked at a video game, you won’t want to miss this.

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