Feb 1, 2023

Together for Black Brilliance

From MsAshRocks to UrbanBohemian to MDee14 to PixelleCreature, and so many more, Black streamers bring us together in unique ways every time they go live. Important convos about inclusivity, encouraging us to be our authentic selves, nail-biting speedruns, and all the lulz in between are all examples of the Black Brilliance streamers bring to their Twitch communities all year long. This month, we’re coming together to celebrate Black Brilliance, and all of the amazing content, conversations, and spaces Black streamers have created, plus the endless ways they build community.

Starting today, and throughout the month, you can head over to the Together for Black Brilliance shelf on the front page to join up with and support Black streamers. You can also join the celebration and stream with the ‘BlackBrilliance’ tag so everyone can find your stream. And look out for videos on Twitch’s social channels featuring the PikaCrew’s PikaChulita, Club Barefoot’s BarefootTasha, and The Hidden Nugget Village’s very own Khaykashi. They each connect communities in one-of-a-kind ways, every time they go live.

​​​And don’t miss these exciting Black History Month events, only on Twitch :

  1. Twitch Public Access: Black History Month, a February episode dedicated to the amazing streamers from the Black community. 
  2. Twitch Creator Camp livestream featuring four Black streamers sharing their experiences and advice on creating boundaries as a streamer. 
  3. Unapologetically Black & Fast, an annual weekend-long celebration of Black speedrunners of all levels. Tune in and discover your new favorite speedrunner. 

So this Black History Month, and every month beyond, we invite you to celebrate all the ways Black streamers bring us together on Twitch and discover new communities.

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Feb 16, 2023

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