Jul 26, 2016 - By Noreen T. M.

Clip the best moments from any channel

Since Clips debuted in May, you have shown us how much you love being able to quickly share the best of Twitch by clipping and sharing some pretty unbelievable moments: there was IzakOOO’s super creepy VR jump scare (you’ve been warned) clipped by vanityloe, Mellowed’s Clip of the exact moment LI Joe made it to the top 8 at EVO, and Terry Crews pledging his allegiance to the PC, forever preserved by Funova_CSGO.

You’ve also told us you want to capture more amazing moments, so starting today, you can make Clips on all Twitch channels (and we might even have some more plans in the works… coming soon™).

Whether you’re watching a tournament with thousands of other viewers or hanging out on stream with a couple friends, when something unforgettable happens, you can clip the action and spread the hype to everyone you know. Just hit the Clip button on the video player or use the keyboard shortcuts (ctrl+X on PC and alt+X on Mac) to clip the best moment from any live stream.

Get Clipping!

Update: Once you’ve clipped the best moments on Twitch, we know you also want to re-watch those moments from any connection. You can now change the video quality when you watch a Clip! Click the gear icon to watch on 1080p or 720p when you’re on high-speed internet, or switch to a lower resolution for those times when you’re connection is a little spotty.

Quality options are available on Clips made after July 22, 2016.

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